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that terrible fraction of a second before someone razzes you.

Inspired by when I got some Spoilers for my favorite fic, Fools Paradise.

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When all else fails.

RASPBERRY KISS. Misfire knows the fastest way to ruin a nice moment.

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Little scene from the first chapter of alba-aulbath's scavenger-shenanigans fic, “Fool's Paradise,” where Misfire busies himself by rambling and picking little stones out of the creases in Fulcrum's plating. Then he happens upon the tickle zone.

read the fic here 

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The Scavengers.

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the essence of Ratchet in three acts

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What are you talking about I don’t play favorites with the dinobutts > v >

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Okay, we’re breaking down my personal feelings on the evolution of Optimus Prime as a character.  No Primal on display here, although I’m sure I will talk about him and his awesome gorilla self someday.  As usual, I’ll just be discussing the animated incarnations, given my less than stellar knowledge of Transformers comics, or comics in general for that matter. 

From a media studies standpoint, the tale of Optimus Prime is a fascinating case in the both the feeling of and the process of nostalgia.  The story of a man who begins as a simple cartoon character with a three sentence personality, elevated in the minds of viewers to something bigger, greater, and grander than any individual could possibly be.  Eventually, this level of veneration feeds back into the marketing rhetoric of Hasbro itself, further perpetuating Optimus as a heroic icon while, within the entertainment media he inhabits, also subtly discussing the implication behind living as a symbol first and a person second.

Because a man can be destroyed and corrupted, while symbols are everlasting… or something….     

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